Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study #3

$1100 Profit For Literally A Few Hours Work

Volvo 744 GL Station Wagon Purchased for $550

Volvo 744 GL Station Wagon Purchased for $550
Drove it For 8000 Miles & Sold For $1900
This Volvo Was So Nice I Decided To Keep And Drive It For A While…

Then I Cashed In My Profit!

I Made $1100 Net Profit When I Sold My Volvo!!!


The Seller Called Me And Wanted The Car Off The Street, they had new cars and did not want to move it around on street cleaning day.

Purchase Price $550 then I used the car for 8000 miles. Then When It Was Time To Sell It…

Step 1. I paid for brake pads, a service and smog certification

Step 2. I paid for a complete professional detail, parked it for Sale & one or two days later.

Step 3. I had 3 or 4 buyers that agreed to purchase my car the first One with $1900 Cash was the winner.

How Would You Like To Make $1100 For A Few Days "Work"?

Again This Car Would Have Sold Dozens Of Times If Not Hundreds Of Times

Many Of My Potential Buyers Were Upset when I Told Them The Volvo Sold!!

Selling These Cars is Too Easy & Too Fun!!!

Buying Is The Key

You Will Always Want More Cars

You Will Always Want Another One

I Will Show You How I Get Streams Of "Good Deals"

You Will Master Asking The Perfect Questions Over The Phone Before You Spend Any Time!! While Amateurs Miss Out On The Deals & lose their Shirts Driving All Over Town Looking At Junk

My Master Phone Questionnaire Will Wade You Through The Trash Unveiling Only The Treasures!!!

Want To Make Big Money Flipping Cars Part or Full Time?

Sellers Will Call You All Day Trying To Sell Their Cars For Way Less Then Wholesale!!!

Step 1. I show You Where to Run Cars Wanted Ads. I show you how to run classified ads to buy cars "cars Wanted" & "Cash For Cars" ads that provide massive streams of sellers wanting quick easy convenient cash money for their Car, Van SUV or Mini Van.

Step 2. I Show You What The Ads Look Like & Exactly What To Print I Even Give You ads That Actually Ran Or Are running Now!!! Just Put In Your Phone Number.

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