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Case Study #5

$2900 Net Profit In 8 Days

dodge truck

Dodge Ram 4X4 Extra Cab Pick Up Truck!
$2900 Cash Profit In 8 days!

Purchased For $900 Cash Then Sold for $4200!!

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Case Study # 5 Recap: $2900 Net Profit

Step # 1: Purchase non-running truck from seller.
Step # 2: Have truck towed to my mechanic. Authorize various repairs.
Step # 3: Take to smog certification shop.
Step # 4: Take to detail center.
Step # 5: Display for sale & place online advertising.
Step # 6: Take phone calls from several potential buyers
Step # 7: Show and test drive vehicle with potential buyer and consummate cash deal.

$2900 Cash Profit For Several Hours of Work In About One Weeks Time!!

These profits are LESS common & Very welcome!! This was an exceptional deal I rarely buy non-running vehicles however I had a good idea of what was wrong before I risked my capitol.

You Will Pay An Average of $300 to $700 Cash For Your Cars & Flip them For $1200 to $1800.

$750 to $1200 Cash Profit Per car Is Average

$1000 Profit On 1 to 2 Cars Per week Is a Easy $1000 to $2000 Per Week!! $2000 Per Week Is Over $100,000 Per Year!!

You Must Buy Buy Buy

This Truck Would Have Sold Many Times!

I Hate Calling Potential Buyers Back Telling Them Do Not Come Look The Vehicle Is Sold!! Really It Makes Me Sad To Disappoint Perfectly Good Buyers

Buying Is The Key to Profits In The Flipping Used Cars Business

You Are Able to leverage and utilize My 20 plus years of experience!!!

I Did All Of This Stuff Wrong & Now You Can Do It Right!!! You Have No Trial & Error, No Waiting, No learning from Experience.

Learning from Experience is TOO Expensive!!! I Already Did That For You!!!

I Give You A Quick Simple Series Of Questions That Control Your Time Energy & Profits 20 plus years on the phone has reduced the "Interview" process to a Short Quick Simple series of questions in a specific order.

In My Book "How To Flip Used Cars" I have you ask a handful of questions interviewing the seller so that you can determine in less then a minute if you are going to set an appointment & go buy the car OR Not!! I show you why often times no deal is the BEST deal.

Believe you me a great deal is coming & you DO NOT want to miss it because you did not ask the correct questions and you are struggling with a dead horse on the side of the road while some other guy gets the GREAT deal because he asked better questions.

"Questions Are the Answer"….. Tony Robbins

How to Flip
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