Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study #6

$850 Profit In 7 days

Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder 5 speed

Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder 5 speed
Purchase Price $250 Sold One Week Later For $1550
$850 Profit (after Repairs) For A Few Hours Work!

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Case Study # 6 Recap:

Step # 1: Purchase from seller and deliver to mechanics shop.
Step # 2: Authorize lots of repairs i.e. axels, service air conditioning. tune up and front tires.
Step # 3: Take to smog certification shop.
Step # 4: Take to detail center.
Step # 5: Display for sale & place online advertising.
Step # 6: Take phone calls from several potential buyers
Step # 7: Meet with buyers, test drives and accept $1550 cash.

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