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How to buy and sell used cars for profit, free coaching one on one training hurry just a few spots left.
Posted on 19. Oct, 2010 by admin

As you embark on your journey your journey to financial freedom as you learn to buy and sell used cars for profit you may want support, accountability, expert advice, tips and more training well I have great news for you for a short amount of time for just a handful of student beginners I will coach, train and assist you in your new found venture. The wise say it simply and clearly if you want a specific result goal or outcome in your life just fine somebody that already has that goal or outcome and copy/follow that secret sauce system and that will short cut you to the top! you can bypass all the mistakes wrong turns and experiments and just do what works and works really well and I will walk you through it all fast and easy, hurry only a few spots still open. Go to www.flipusedcars.com for free videos, articles and information on how to sign up. be fair be kind and as always happy flipping.

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Brad 11. Dec, 2010 at 5:21 pm

I have bought four other ClickBank ebooks on this subject. This guy is buy far THE BEST!

How to buy and sell used cars for profit, mechanics
Posted on 19. Oct, 2010 by admin

When you buy and sell used cars for profit the perfect deal will not require a mechanic the other 75% of the time you will need a fast, reliable, smart wholesale mechanic. Like it or not he is very similar to a partner. I can give endless samples of rip offs and overcharging however I will spare you the details let me simply say many are charging $1400 for a repair that your new mechanic will do for about $350 and as you call around you will get quotes all over the place $500, $750, $1000 and even $550 many shops employ the policy if the client will not pay an outrageous sum for the repair so what another sucker will come along in a day or an hour and they will pay high retail and above for their repairs. Shop around look for small non franchise non chain shops on the cheaper side of town, the shops with low rent on the other side of the tracks have quality work yet they have less rent and smaller house payments and their families are in public schools you can continue to pay the giant corporations perfected system for extracting massive amounts of money for each repair or you can step out of your comfort zone find a new guy save some money and make quite a bit more when you buy and sell used transportation cars. several articles and videos at www.flipusedcars.com Be fair and kind to others and as always happy flipping

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How to buy and sell used cars for profit, Tips for negotiating
Posted on 19. Oct, 2010 by admin

Tips for negotiating, there is an old marketing tale when top experts are asked where they would put a restaurant perhaps by the freeway with a big sign or in a mall or by the movie theater the expert replied well I would put it where people are hungry. As simple as that statement may seem it is really brilliant therefore when we fish for car sellers we fish in a pond of hungry sellers, I will show you how to get that once in a lifetime deal a few times per month and the really good deals almost everyday!! moving on to the deal itself, after your phone interview with the seller you are to meet them at their home cash in hand. Here comes the good stuff, communication is 80% physical and only 20% words. it gets even better you are about to use "The silent walk around" this is actually too powerful so do not over do it. this explosively powerful negotiating system is used by the best real estate professionals and by expert new car dealerships when they are taking in or appraising a trade in. You will simply walk around the car touching any and all flaws, touch the chip in the windshield, the scratch on the front bumper, the ding in the back hum and haw at the extra dirty oil, touch the 4 inch tear on the drivers seat. The seller will go nuts talking, explaining making excuses and all the while you have said nothing however as you look sad, disappointed, slouching and let down the price has been dropping one touch after another after another. My industry peers will have my head for teaching this one. Tons of video and how to articles at www.flipusedcars.com, be nice and as always happy flipping


How to buy and sell used cars for profit, it is happening all around you
Posted on 19 Oct, 2010 by admin

Buying and selling used cars for profit is nothing new I am told there were used chariot salesman in old Rome. It is happening all around you, how many of you know someone who bought a car from their mechanic or has seen several cars up for sale at the local gas station or perhaps has seen a busy blvd. or vacant lot with cars coming and going for sale, all of these cars are being flipped or bought and sold at a profit. the sellers can not be bothered with advertising and or they needed some quick cash and do not care about getting the last penny from the deal, a good car flipper will check the car out correct any and all immediate issues have it detailed and post it and or display it for sale. in the end he has provided a needed service for both the seller and of course the happy thankful buyers. Be kind, be honest and as always happy flipping.

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Kicker 30 Oct, 2010 at 8:42 am

Hola, yo soy deprimida … Gracias Kicker

How to buy and sell used cars for profit, In good times and bad
Posted on 19 Oct, 2010 by admin

In good times and bad $1700 to $3500 transportation cars are the best way to start. First time buyers, first time drivers, students, new families and almost everybody who needs a car can use a good reliable clean used transportation car. these cars will sell as fast as you can put them up for sale. The biggest challenge you will have is telling several nice people that the car has already sold. With the jobless rate at a all time high, very little bank financing available and with bankruptcies at an all time high the need for two to four thousand dollar transportation cars has never been higher. You can start to buy and sell used cars for profit as soon as tomorrow and you can start with as little as $500 to $1000 hurry you can get in on the used car transportation boom while helping your community.


Aurea 14 Nov, 2010 at 4:23 am

This is specifically what i was looking for. thanks for the useful blog post and keep up the really good work! My kindest regards, Aurea.

26 Nov, 2010 at 2:43 am

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Dougles 02. Dec, 2010 at 9:53 pm

Hola! Nombre de flipusedcars.com a GoogleReader! Dougles

Look at what You want….What Side of that TV Do You Want To Be On?
Posted on 13 Sep, 2010 by admin

I want to play, to stretch, to grow….humans have needs mine are to reach for the sky, to play full out!!!! Focus on the doughnut not the hole, I would rather play and lose then watch from the stands or the parking lot


Abundance….Wake Up!! Stake Your Claim!!!
Posted on 18 Feb, 2010 by admin

Why do you think Porsche is having their best year for the past decade? Why did I get an Email from Ferrari saying they sold ten times as many cars at the end of last year then in the past three years? We are in a time better then none other to get rich!!! We are surrounded with opportunity as companies leave us they "leave us" gifts pieces, very valuable pieces of there being what may be worthless trash to a fortune 100 companies balance sheet is gold to you or I. Theses large corporations are leaving chunks and bubbles of opportunities stacked so high the ambitions can not keep up with their new lives, new cars and new incomes. It is all around you, you are surrounded by massive amounts of wealth. I want you to notice how much money is being made, how stocks were $5.00 yesterday and $24.00 tomorrow. How many homes are being bought and sold next to you? giant piles of debt is being sold for 2 or 3 cents on the dollar and weak inefficient collection organizations are collecting and will continue to collect ten times that or more…..yeas it is true a half a million in bad debt will get you 5 million cool one in a few years time…or more. Wake up grab some for you for your family, be blessed so you can be a blessing!!!! Awe yes and for the skeptics just keep posting your resume on the giant web-sites because they too are getting richer then most could ever imagine!


Chris Karr 18 Feb, 2010 at 8:27 am

As banks are crumbling and companies are downsizing I can only wonder what is available for middle America. The working class families have been a beautiful part of America and made our country great!! To all those people that feel that they are coming up short, the willing to work folks that need help….that need a vehicle to bring the cash home, the cash for food, clothes, rent or house payment. Do not be short ever again, do what I am doing I took the steps, they all laughed now they see my cars my home. I want to help, I am blessed so that I may be a blessing. Our country still allows you to expand to grow to increase your position…..I guarantee your success. This is from me to you to all the men and women Who Want to Quit work someday…..soon



sonny 19. Oct, 2010 at 9:14 am

Several months ago I met a charming young man at a local car show he was only 17 years old at the time he had tried several businesses and had no real success yet. I saw something in this young man that many of his generation do not have. He has the drive and desire he was willing to put it out there and go for it. Of course he was really bored with high school at first his Mom was pushing college then she was going for a please finish high school approach and he did. I told him that there are better business choices then the car business mainly because it offers no residual income I went on to say that there are few businesses if any that offer immediate income with virtually no capital to start while offering freedoms to the owner, freedoms to build a residual business or formal education etc. This young man starting flipping used transportation cars he made just over $1100 his first week and went on to make several thousand dollars which he put towards larger ventures he now owns 12.5% of a major underwear manufacturer and is working on several other BIG projects. I say that there may not be a single better way to put together some capital while enjoying freedom then flipping some used transportation cars.


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