How to Buy and Sell Used Cars

Part 2 - Finding Your Inner Deal Maker?

We all have an inner deal maker, a inner salesman an inner negotiator and it is my job to wake him or her up to make you aware of this talent everyone of us possesses.

If any of you have kids you know that they can sell I mean really sell and guess what I far as I know we were all kids at one time. A kid will approach his parent with a goal and at least one plan, if that plan or approach fails the child will usually kick into another plan many include persistence.

Well it is too easy to sell a two to five thousand dollar car, they really do sell themselves and you will often wish you had another one. Buying used cars below market may require some skills and questions but as you practice your confidence will build.

If you are married, gentlemen you will recall asking your now wife on a date and that success built confidence and eventually you sold this lady on a life with you, a life of marriage.

All of us can sell, all of us have, a new work schedule or a vacation or selling our spouse on a new course or a new home or car. You can sell. When you have a clear goal or clear outcome and a plan deals will start coming your way easier and far better then you would have ever imagined.

Wake up ..wake up come out here and play. Pay attention to your inner deal maker, when you focus you are really a super star deal maker.

How to Buy and Sell Used Cars is a video and article series created by an author with 20 years in all facets of the car business including retail, wholesale and retail.

Chris is well known in the marketing community and has been dubbed a “Marketing Genius” He has sat on various panels and been featured in notable periodicals as well as various trade publications. Chris is an industry expert, speaker, consultant, coach and highly sought out trainer.

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