How to Buy and Sell Used Cars

Part 3 - Questions are the Answer

Have you ever noticed if you really want to engage somebody, if you ever really want to hold their attention, if you want to be truly interesting all you have to do is be interested. Well how can you be interested? How can you show the other party that you are really into their topic or situation?

The answer is easy, questions are the answer. I have had 1 and 2 hour conversations with various people be it a car deal or a friendly visit on a vacation and not deliberately revealed anything of substance about myself and have been told I am the most interesting person they had ever met.

How can this be, well it is simple people love to talk about themselves and it may be too easy and too simple to simply engage them with a series of questions whereby their answers of course lead to another question and yet another question.

When you are deciding on a car purchase be ready have a series of questions ready. A concise series of questions in the right order or syntax will quickly determine if you have a killer deal or a junky loser.

You can get rapport and break the ice with questions then quickly and smoothly transition into the meat of the car questions i.e. what do you have, how does it look, how does it run, how long have you owned it, what work is needed and the like.

Be prepared you will sound more professional, have fun and remember ask away.

How to Buy and Sell Used Cars is a video and article series created by an author with 20 years in all facets of the car business including retail, wholesale and retail.

Chris is well known in the marketing community and has been dubbed a “Marketing Genius” He has sat on various panels and been featured in notable periodicals as well as various trade publications. Chris is an industry expert, speaker, consultant, coach and highly sought out trainer.

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