How to Buy and Sell Used Cars

Part 8 - Decide Action and How to Get Cars

This is one exciting topic the topic is action and decision and what happens when you decide to do something and of course how to get streams of good clean reliable used cars for cheap or well below Kelley blue book and of course well below market price. The human spirit is beyond powerful in fact a times it is hard to imagine what some have endured only to become some of the most successful people in our time.

Once you decide to buy and sell used cars you have set in motion a series of events immediately. You will start to see and experience things that you have never experienced before. The power of decision is simply amazing if you decide to quit smoking no one could ever even force you to smoke you see the word decision is from the Latin word incision which means to cut off or eliminate any other possibility can you see the power in this.

The decision is the hard part if you were to decide right now to buy and sell used cars for a profit guess what you would be doing it immediately all the tools and experts are there to help and you will develop new skills generate additional income self pride and build emotional muscle creating and building a even stronger you for the rest of your life. After you take some easy action steps you will get more calls and more cars then you know what to do with the magic is in learning how to separate the trash from the treasure the gems from the junk that is easy simply ask a series of pre determined questions after all question deduct or deduce the situation to its raw bottom line truth or answer.

I know ways to run ads to buy cars some systems work well you can target specific types of cars that you want or that you have learned to specialize in. my dear friend from many moons ago would build a hot rod car every year, he would decide what type he wanted then set up a plan where to get the body and engine and so on, one year he decided to put a big 440 engine in a smaller “a” body Mopar like a barracuda or a Cuda so he ran an wanted ad for a Cuda and sure enough a week or two later he got a used 1970 Cuda with no engine and no transmission and he got it cheap, my friend already had the engine and transmission built and ready to go you see he decided and his plan worked a few weeks later we were doing burnouts in his 70 Cuda.

The good book is very clear ask and you shall receive. When you buy and sell used cars for profit it is best to buy and sell in the two thousand to five thousand dollar transportation car price range and then within that you will discover in your city what people want most giant 4X4s due to the weather or some specialize in 7 or 8 passenger mini vans that is a good one or trucks or suvs or little Honda cars and little Toyotas.

Make a decision today, ask for what you want be kind and happy flipping.

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