How to Buy and Sell Used Cars for Profit

Part 1 - How and where to find a smart talented fast and cheap mechanic

Like it or not your mechanic is like a partner in your new buy and sell used cars for profit venture. Wait do not tell me that you have been going to the same guy for five ten or fifteen years and he is so nice and so honest, because this is the same guy that has been ripping you off with un needed repairs or the repairs he wants to do or charging three times or more what the repairs should cost or perhaps all the above. Beware of mechanics just because you know him and do not feel uncomfortable around him does not make him fair honest talented or reasonable if you do not believe me then it is your money and your time forever lost. The perfect buy and sell a used car deal does not involve a mechanic but the other seventy five to eighty percent of your deals will require some modest repairs even if it is just front brakes or a radiator. Prove me wrong or prove me right either way having a smart honest talented mechanic that works at wholesale pricing is a very important piece of your used car business. Just three weeks ago my Dad called me his Nissan it needed a new clutch and he wanted to get the repair done right at the lowest possible price now that is smart. My dad was willing to put forth some effort my cost parts and labor is around three hundred to three hundred and fifty dollars this is a right I earned by experience volume and a developed relationship or at least that is what I thought. The easiest way to help my dad was to use a membership tow service and get his car to my guy for the repairs done perfectly at the rock bottom price however the tow distance was a bit too long. Plan b was to shop around locally if my Dad was to find a fair price on labor then I would buy him the parts at wholesale just like you can use they have a massive site and access to every parts warehouse on earth you can pick the quality or brand of the parts as well anyhow then we would have a local shop do the install. Well it gets interesting my Dad started calling around which you can do too however I do not recommend brand name shops chains or franchises they always cost more and they use a scientific system to extract as much of your hard earned money as possible people are afraid of used cars dealers wow they should shiver in terror when they near one of these rip off assembly lines. If you call one of these it should only be for educational and comparison proposes call little shops in the low rent districts the small guys on the other side of the tracks bust out the little shopper nickel saver or whatever little cheap paper you get in your town and look for ads or specials chances are the ad is there because they want more customers not like the big guys were it really is just a come on. My Dad got quotes for the usual rip off artists for twelve and fourteen hundred then he got some for seven hundred then he found a guy for three hundred and fifty and we supply the clutch kit that was an okay and fair deal so I ordered the parts but I had them sent to my dads home his idea was to continue to shop price while our parts were being shipped. My dad called really excited the next morning he found a little shop on the other side of town to do the repair for one hundred and fifty dollars and they would do it in and out the same day. My Dad worked in a hospital for more the fifty years then he retired and he does not have any special car guy powers or skills he has what you have or less so in less then twenty four hours this man had my price that it took me twenty four years to get, the work was done fast neat perfect and guaranteed and on time. You can find your new mechanic in a few days as well. I purchased a little really clean one owner S10 truck from a guy who had a clutch installed he showed me a paid invoice for just under twelve hundred dollars I looked at him in shock and asked why he paid this price and he replied because everyone else wanted fifteen hundred. He did not go to the other side of the tracks the not so nice part of town the small guy with the small shop with low rent with his family in public school and his small house with a small mortgage same greasy job same end result but you are supporting middle class working America type instead of a greedy rich guys or corporations. I do not expect my mechanic to drop everything and help me before he helps his normal retail type customers however he loves having a steady stream of cars coming in on the slow mid weekdays. By the way you have a guy to call when you are looking to buy a used car and it makes that funny noise and he might just make you some money when he tells you in advance how much the repair will cost and or advises you to buy or not buy that used car. So when you buy and sell used cars for profit remember to have the cars checked out before you put them for sale by your mechanic and we only offer nice safe clean reliable cars at fair prices, you help the local families and the local economy when you buy and sell used cars for profit have fun be honest and happy flipping.

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