How to Buy and Sell Used Cars for Profit

Part 3 - Secret little known powerful negotiation tips and methods

There is a man considered the best marketing mind in the world, he has been interviewed by Larry king featured on CNN and I am told at one time he held the highest hourly rate in the Guinness book of records. In a famous interview an entrepreneur asked him what is the best place to put a restaurant is it in a mall or by the freeway with a giant sign or in a mall or promenade well this man just smiled and said that is easy just put the restaurant were people are hungry. While this is a famous story in the marketing circles it is brilliant in its simplicity. When you buy and sell used cars for profit you must be sure that you are looking for or fishing in a pool of hungry sellers. It is so much easier to negotiate with any person that is hungry for a deal. With that said I want to give you one very powerful little know method used by real estate professionals as well as new car dealers when they are negotiating or taking in a used car trade in. When you are in business or have embarked on a the business of buying and selling used cars for profit the best system to get the price down without ever saying a single word is the silent walk around my peers in the automotive arena are going to be very mad and attempt to annihilate me for sharing this one but oh well here it goes. Once you have determined that the seller has a used car that you more then likely want to buy then you will go to their home cash in hand and check out the car as you slowly walk around the car you will silently touch any and all imperfections and flaws on the car that is you will hum and haw at the tiny rock chip in the windshield and the scrape on the corner of the bumper and the three inch tear on the drivers side seat and the crack on the dash board and the dent and the excess wear on the tires the extra dirty oil and so on you get the point. As you touch each flaw many of which the seller most likely forgot to mention on the phone the price in the sellers mind goes down and down one touch or one click at a time. This can only be done once you have rapport with the seller and of course be careful or do not over do it. When you are buying a used transportation car to re sell for a profit you have to play both the good cop bad cop roles when you say something like everybody thinks Cadillac’s get bad gas mileage the you say I like them though even I may be alone I think they are cool you see you have lowered the price or put the car down a bit without making the seller hate you. When you do the silent walk around fell free to slouch be sad sigh look sad and disappointed this will make the seller feel like you are not going to buy at all this is very powerful the sigh breath out with the soft spoken oh well will be just about all the rejection the seller can handle then you say even though it is nothing like you pictured over the phone you may ask yet again what will they accept for the car cash as is right now. Negotiating is fun when you buy and sell used transportation cars for profit you will have dozens of hungry sellers calling you every week be nice be fair have fun and as always happy flipping.

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