How to Buy and Sell Used Cars for Profit

Part 8 - Earn twice as much on each deal - Basic in house financing for the cars you are flipping

Now for the first time ever I am about to share one of the coolest strategies to create extra income ever! I have mastered this brand new system and you can do this right away, yes you can start selling each and every car you flip for an average of one thousand to two thousand dollars more then you could get on a all cash transaction.

The cars sell even faster when you offer simply to qualify financing. Consider the fact that used transportation cars are selling extremely well because there is not much financing available right now and people do not want to go deep into debt on a thirty thousand dollar car. I call this my working cars for working people program.

Most of the time in the transportation segment you will pay about eight hundred dollars for a car then you will do some repairs and spend some money on preparation like a detail, then after you are in the car about a grand it will sell for about eighteen hundred, that is okay but now what? Well you have to start all over again.

What if every time you sold a car you got all or most of your money back and was owed about another twenty five hundred? Accept ten payments of two fifty and do that twenty times in two months and you will have a five thousand dollar a month income stream.

That same car that sold for eighteen hundred will sell for three thousand dollars quickly with some financing in place, that is an extra twelve hundred on a small deal. I have mastered this plan, there are certain safe guards that I will share with you some are obvious like have a extra key and go on the title as the lien holder like the bigger banks however this is a easy way to build an income stream and even build wealth.

If you have limited funds I recommend flipping one car the normal way then the next one the direct financing way, this will double your income while covering your monthly expenses. Just another master system form the best! Thank you have fun, be kind and happy flipping.

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