Make Money Flipping Used Cars

Part 1

The best way to get started making money with used cars is to start buying and selling cheap reliable transportation cars. This $1700 to $5000 max price bracket works very fast and easy in a down economy and a great growing economy. Everybody needs basic clean respectable reliable transportation cars. Once in a lifetime deals come every month or two and deals that make a quick clean easy $750 to $1100 come in one, two or three times per week. You must advertise to buy cars for fast easy cash, make a fair deal with the seller. Target cars that you pay under one thousand and sell for about two thousand, these cars will sell so fast that your biggest problem will be telling other buyers that you are sorry I already sold the car. Right after you purchase the car have your personal mechanic check and repair any and all necessary items, make sure all fluids are clean and full, brakes and the cooling system is in good working order. It is very easy for you to spend a few dollars on a wholesale repair then to stick a single mom with a broken car on her way to day care or her job, then of course what you would pay $100 to $200 for the rip off mechanic will charge her $500 plus a tow bill…not cool! Do it right the first time, good business is where two people are happy. After your car is fixed up and sound take it for smog certification and or a safety inspection as your local laws require. Now the fun part have the car completely detailed by a professional i.e. buff, wax, shampoo, engine steam clean, tire dressing and interior dressing, wow your car will look and smell really nice! You can display the car for sale with giant day glow for sale signs on the local street corner which I highly recommend and or post it in the online classifieds you know where I mean. Repeat as many times as your time, heart will allow.. Have fun, be nice and happy flipping.

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How to Buy and Sell Used Cars is a video and article series created by an author with 20 years in all facets of the car business including retail, wholesale and retail.

Chris is well known in the marketing community and has been dubbed a “Marketing Genius” He has sat on various panels and been featured in notable periodicals as well as various trade publications. Chris is an industry expert, speaker, consultant, coach and highly sought out trainer.

Some of the various services that Chris offers to Flip Used Cars clients are: personal coaching, business development, training, Tele seminars, web-inars and a complete marketing make over. Whether you are just building a business or trying to rebuild an existing one there is none better at finding hidden under utilized assets then Chris and his team.

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