Make Money Flipping Used Cars

Part 4

When you dive in and decide to make money with used cars it will be important to have a honest, smart fast wholesale mechanic on your team. I will provide you several suggestions for locating this elusive individual as well as several examples of overcharging and correct pricing as well. When you start your search you must contact only non franchise and non chain repair shops, we cannot support the big companies in their ivory towers. I also want you to call the shops in the low rent districts on the wrong side of the tracks. These people have less rent, smaller homes, smaller mortgages and their kids are in public schools. Most of the time they are more knowledgeable regarding cars and have a strong sense of work ethic as well as an attitude of willingness to help. Their work is guaranteed without layers of arguing and usually better then the giant companies that hire newbie’s while systematically overcharge you the entire transaction. Call around see who wants or needs new clients, tell them you are a small dealer and you will bring in a steady stream of wholesale repairs. A clutch job for most front wheel drive Japanese cars should be about $350 parts and labor, you will get quotes for as much as $1300 to $1400!! My dad did and less then 24 hours later he found a local mechanic with pricing that matched my 20 year relationship, if a retired hospital worker can get low pricing you certainly can. That is a very big price difference. Most or many radiator jobs are or should be $180 to $240, the parts are around $80 and the rest is for labor, quotes of $500 to $800 will be common. Buy your parts at and shop the labor rates. Once you have found your new mechanic you have an ally a friend on your team, you can send him clients and give his cards out to your car customers. Do not expect him to drop everything he is doing for normal retail clients on a bust Saturday however he will love it when you bring a steady stream of cars during the week when business is slow. Congratulations you are well on your way to make money with used cars, be nice and as always happy flipping.

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