Make Money Flipping Used Cars

Part 5

As you start to make money with used cars as you start to buy and sell used cars for profit you will notice certain patterns or certain types of cars are in demand more then others. This does vary geographically. I hope that you took my advice and decided to specialize in the transportation car arena at least to get started. The second step is to notice, develop and master a niche within this area. Let me give you some examples if you are in a mountain region you may notice everyone wants or needs 4X4 trucks for work and to deal with rain and snow. If you are in a warm sunny little family community you may do very well with minivans, I know several who love this niche or you may love buying and selling small transportation cars for profit and to help out your community. Many people love small SUVs and the like. The point is there are several reasons and advantages to mastering a niche, one is since we know what sells extra well we will ask for and target it in our wanted advertising another reason is when you are a master you will know more about that type of car then anybody, you may have a buyers list or a waiting list of people in your area that want another one of the model you just sold. Being a master works very well and can lead to great wealth. A man is famous in car circles for mastering the Jeep Wagoner, no longer made by Chrysler he finds them, corrects the factory flaws and makes them his own with a special badge he has sold several thousand in a multiple of countries. When you are making money with used cars pay attention to what sells best, what you love and what is being asked for, build your niche around that, be kind and as always happy flipping.

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How to Buy and Sell Used Cars is a video and article series created by an author with 20 years in all facets of the car business including retail, wholesale and retail.

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